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Because I've never actually written them all down in one place. So, yeah. And this is subject to change, obviously.

- Linger / Forever, by Maggie Stiefvater (I have the first book)
- Blue is for Nightmares / White is for Magic / Silver is for Secrets / Red is for Remembrance, by Laurie Faria Stolarz (I HAD THESE BOOKS, AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S BECOME OF THEM. HGGGGNNNNNN. MUCH PURCHASE THEM ANEW, BECAUSE I LOVE THEM!!!!!!)
- The Ordinary Princess, by M. M. Kaye
- The Princess and the Snowbird / The Princess and the Horse / The Princess and the Wolf / The Rose Throne, by Mette Ivie Harrison
- Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian, by Eoin Colfer (wow, I totally fucking missed that the last book of this series has been published for about a year. Sheesh.)
- Lord Soth / Riverwind the Plainsman / Flint the King / Flight of the Fallen / Return of the Exile / Draconian Measures / The Dawning of a New Age / The Day of the Tempest / The Eve of the Maelstrom ~ Dragonlance
- Night's Master / Death's Master / Delusion's Master / Delirium's Mistress / Night's Sorceries / Black Unicorn / Gold Unicorn / Red Unicorn / 34 / Fatal Women / Cast a Bright Shadow / Here in Cold Hell / No Flame but Mine, by Tanith Lee
- The Wizard Heir / The Dragon Heir / The Enchanter Heir, by Cinda Williams Chima
- Watership Down, by Richard Adams
- Sapphique, by Catherine Fisher
- Hero / Dearest, by Alethea Kontis
- The Doomsday Book, by Connie Willis
- Ebon, by Robin McKinley
- Shadowscale, by Rachel Hartman
- Scorch / Rogue, by Gina Damico
- Santa Olivia / Saints Astray, by Jacqueline Carey (because it sounds sooooo fascinating)

- Six of Crows, by Leigh Bardugo
- Stars Above / Heartless, by Marissa Meyer
- Captive Prince trilogy??
- Your Favorite Seuss: A Baker's Dozen from the One and Only Dr. Seuss
- Dogsbody, by Diana Wynne Jones
- The Wrath & the Dawn / The Rose & the Dagger, by Renee Ahdieh
- Rose Under Fire, by Elizabeth Wein

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So. SO SO SO. Where to begin for my first post on LJ? Talking about a book that I've read recently, in this case, The Hobbit!

First, I suppose I should share a little of my logic behind creating this thing. So, as you, the potential reader of this journal, may or may not be aware of, but I am currently suffering through a bout of depression. Now, I'm on meds, and have started counseling and all that, but I've been told by my mother (who inevitably seems to be my chief confidant) that part of my problem is inherent loneliness. I mean...I don't really have anyone to truly gush at in my real life, or anyone to really confide in. Like...most of my friends simply haven't read the same books that I have, or played the video games that I do, or they are simply too far away, and we are all terrible at keeping in contact with each other. Online friends are a bit better in this regard, but are ultimately more distracting. Anyway, so the point is that I'm creating this journal to fully give myself a place to...gush? Vent what's on my mind, and about what I've been doing recently?

The second part of my reasoning stems from the fact that my doctors have told me that it's a pretty good idea for me to start keeping a journal. Pretty much same as above--this would give me a place to exercise any pent up emotions and make me stop repressing things and freaking out and having panic attacks, etc, etc. Plus, I'm physically disabled (more in-depth details will be a topic for another day...), so it's easier for me to type than it is to handwrite. So....tada! Here I am.

"What have I got in my pocket?" )


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