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So, the idea is that I was given a letter (M, in this case), and I have to think of five fictional characters whose names start with that letter, and then list them and comment about them. I've been meaning to do this for about a year or so now (*cringes* fuck, but time flies too fast :/), so let me finally hop to!

1. Mat Cauthon, from the Wheel of Time series

Mmmhmm. So, this dude is my most favorite fictional character of all time, the ruler by which I measure other characters, and if they remind me of him, then it's a point of awesome in their favor. I think part of what appeals to me about his character, especially when held up against his fellow main characters, Rand and Perrin, is that he is refreshingly non-emo and isn't all dourness and doom and gloom all the time. I mean, I give Rand a pass for the most part, because his situation sucks endlessly and I feel desperately sorry for the poor guy, but he IS undeniably....emo, and isn't the happiest camper to be around (again, reasonably so, but still). And ugh, Perrin, FUCKING GOD, I want to smack him so much for his largely unnecessary (in my opinion, obvs) amount of emo and angsting and carrying on, and GODDAMN IT PERRIN, IT'S BOOK FUCKING THIRTEEN AND EVEN RAND HAS STOPPED ANGSTING BY THIS POINT, STOP WITH YOUR EMO-NESS OF DOOM, PERRIN, FUCKING STOP ITTTTTTTTT MOVE THE FUCK ON ALREADY. So Mat is a wonderfully fresh breath of snarky, not emo and angsty air, and one that I desperately need in this series. It also doesn't hurt Mat in my esteem that he's an unrepentant badass and a Good Daddy figure to an orphan he picks up off the street, and Mat just...Mat's life sucks as much as the rest of the cast, and he takes as many sucker punches as the rest of them (like being goddamned raped for the cause, for instance), but Mat rolls with it in a way that the other characters don't. He simply doesn't let himself get bogged down in self-loathing or angst or in anything---instead, he refuses to let himself be shamed, and he KEEPS MOVING FORWARD, no matter what. And no matter how much he may grumble and complain about how he isn't a bloody hero, he's always willing to go far out of his way to help and save people, anybody, even people that he doesn't like, and he does that because it's the right thing to do. Impossible odds just don't exist for Mat Cauthon, even setting aside his super powered luck, and he inspires me to remember to always put your best foot forward, no matter what may come your way, and to always face the  world with a smile and to laugh instead of crying.

2. Maleficent, from Disney's Sleeping Beauty

Hahahahahaha. I bet no one's surprised that she wound up listed here. Man alive, I love this woman. I really fucking do. Because she's got it all, really. She's badass, she's clever as all get out, she's sneaky and adaptable, she's powerful, and she literally takes shit from no one. You rudely snub her and not invite her to a party that everyone who's everyone is going to attend? Maleficent will show the fuck up anyway, and completely fuck your shit up in a way that'll have a devastating affect on you for decades to come, and you'll regret that you ever thought of disrespecting her. Basically, I love Maleficent because she makes no bones about herself: call her an evil bitch if you want, because she has no fucks to give. She is mighty and powerful and smarter than you, and she refuses to let anyone belittle her, and she knows she's worthy of respect, and feels absolutely no shame. She is what she is, and she needs no excuses. And she does all of this while being extremely elegant and classy as fuck.

Also, she can turn into a motherfucking DRAGON. Your argument is now invalid.

3. Marluxia, from Kingdom Hearts

Mmm. Now, Marly may not be my favorite KH character, or even just my favorite in Organization XIII or in Re:CoM, but I still love his character a whole fucking bunch. And he does contribute to the STORM OF AWESOMENESS that makes Re:CoM my very favorite KH game. I think what I enjoy about this character so much is that, really, Square Enix could have gone horribly wrong with him, but instead they ended up making this wonderful bundle of contradictions and subversion of the stereotype. Because really: dude was originally conceived to be a girl, has pink hair and flower power, and basically pink everything else associated with him as well. An unfortunate many have decried him as "gay", a "fruitcake", a "wimp" and a "pussy", etc, blah. And yet, he's got this deep, baritone voice, is cruel and sadistic as fuck, a champion at manipulation, a badass and can hold his own against Axel, the assassin of the Org, and I'm sorry, but I'm pretty sure that you're lying if you say that his scythe doesn't scare you at all. He is merciless and pitiless, and yet a visionary that probably would have been a better leader to the Organization, and he hit the nail on the head dead center about Xemnas, and he facilitated and engineered the best plot and character development in the Kingdom Hearts series. Pink hair and flower power not only do not detract from his awesomeness, but I feel that they actually add on to it. Whoever said, "Pink is manly" definitely had Marluxia in mind.

4. Minerva McGonagall, from the Harry Potter series

Seriously, who doesn't love this woman? Who dares not to? She has all this subtle snark, with, and dry humor that is fucking HILARIOUS to read, y'all, she's strict and fair and loves her students fiercely, she's brave as all get out and stands up for what's right without being a complete moron about it, she's an avalanche of badass awesomeness, and she refuses to take shit from anyone, and loyal to beyond the hilt, and she commands the love and respect of her students because she is awesome and a great teacher. In essence, you don't fuck with this woman, because you will not win.

5. Morgause, from BBC's Merlin

Because she beats Arthur's ass around and trumps his swordsmanship, and to fuck with his sexism. Words cannot convey how much I cheered at her rampant badassery. Best of all, she never places her ambition or revenge over her love for her family, and she always chooses her sister over evilness every time.
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So, yeah. I'm bored, I feel like doing this, and I want to give my brain a break and procrastinate a bit on the personal essay I'm supposed to be writing. Deal with it, I suppose. This list is appropriated from the profile of my dearest friend raberbagirl, but filled with what my answers would be instead. ;)  And no manga section, as I hate manga (I can't read it to save my life; same goes for comic books. Graphic novels of any kind and Kiryn do not mix well).

Onwards we go!

Character: Mat Cauthon, from The Wheel of Time series. So much love, so little time. Eventually, once I get up my big post about favorite characters, you'll get sick of hearing about this dude. ;)

Female Character: Maleficent, from Disney's Sleeping Beauty, always and forever.

Anime Character: Kyouya Ootori, from Ouran High School Host Club. Aka the only anime I've watched all the way through, and loved.

Video Game Character: *headdesk* fffffffff. Um...crap. Let's go with Balthier, from Final Fantasy XII. Because I could never choose a favorite character from Kingdom Hearts; there's too many that I adore. Tseng and Aerith from Final Fantasy VII get honorable mentions, though.

Character from a live-action movie: *ponders* Erik Lensherr, from X-Men: First Class.

Character from an animated movie: Prince Phillip, from Disney's Sleeping Beauty, my other eternal love.

Character from a live-action TV show: Dean Winchester, from Supernatural; yet another name to add to the list of troubled, devil-may-care, jerks with hearts of gold, badass balls of angsty fluffiness, chivalrous perverts, rogue anti-heroes that have got trauma conga lines that are miles long, and that I love to ridiculous heights.

Character from an animated TV show: Rarity, from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic; she totally rocks my socks, dude.

Book Character (that's not Mat): Sirius Black, from the Harry Potter series; he steals away most of my fanfic writings

Male Character as far as pure looks: Rufus ShinRa, from Final Fantasy VII; seriously, fuck you, dude.

Female Character as far as pure looks: Jo Harvelle from Supernatural; she's got the most glorious hair I've ever seen on a girl. (Similarly, Gwaine from BBC's Merlin has the most glorious hair I've ever seen on a guy, but I like him for more than just his looks, so.)

Pairing: Remus/Sirius from Harry Potter, my OTP of OTPs

Romantic Pairing that's not Remus/Sirius: Uh....let's go with Hades/Persephone, from Greek myth, before I break my brain.

Platonic Pairing: Currently my brain's stuck on Lancelot and Merlin, so let's go with that; from BBC's Merlin.

OT3: Merlin/Arthur/Gwen, from BBC's Merlin, is my final answer (for the time being XD). But this is my only OT3 where I genuinely prefer them to all be together, as opposed to split off, so...

OT4: James/Lily/Sirius/Remus, from HP; mostly family, maybe a few relaxed lines, but no sexy times except for J/L and S/R. ;)

OT5: Angeal/Sephiroth/Genesis/Zack/Cloud, from FFVII; and oh yes, I go there. Totally. And this works surprisingly well.

OT6: Twilight Sparkle/Pinkie Pie/Fluttershy/Rarity/Applejack/Rainbow Dash, from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic; and yep, I totally have an OT6. Mostly friendship here, as I'm many things, but a furry is not one of them. ;)

OT7: Honey/Mori/Haruhi/Tamaki/Kyouya/Kaoru/Hikaru, from OHSHC; and really, why break them up? The canon family set up, please and thank you. And if Mommy and Daddy get some alone time every now and again, I won't complain. :P

Crack pairing: Terra/Cinderella, from KH; I've got many, many, many more, but I'll never love a crack pairing like I do Terrella. Second place probably goes to Cassandra/Lizardman, from Soul Calibur. For TOTAL crack, Maximus/Samson has been growing on me (they're the horses from Tangled and Sleeping Beauty, respectively)....which I blame completely on my friend Ballpoints. XD

Cargo ship: Dean/Impala, from Supernatural; 100% canon, I'm telling you...also, rather tragic. (FYI: the Impala is Dean's car)

Ex-romantic pairing: Princess Celestia\Discord, from MLP:FiM. Seriously. And sadly, pairings like Grindelwald/Dumbledore and Erik/Charles could probably fit here too. But I won't. Because I'm stubborn. Also, Severus/Lily kind of fits here too.

Incest Ship: I have four of these, now; Blackcest, Hikaru/Kaoru, Weiss/Nero, and the newest is Morgause/Morgana.

Fan art OTP: Meg/Ariel, a Disney crossover pairing. And I can't help it, they're just so adorable together, and Meg's potential interactions with Melody amuse the hell out of me. ^^

Book: Harry Potter series
Play: The Laramie Project (Seriously, if you have any heart at all, you will be absolutely bawling by the end of this play)
Movie: The Fox and the Hound, from Disney
Anime: Ouran High School Host Club
TV show (live action): Supernatural
TV show (animated): My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Author: Robert Jordan (RIP)
Game: Oregon Trail XD; also the Kingdom Hearts series and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe on the Gamecube
Genre: Fantasy
Fanfiction genre: Depends on my mood.

Actor (live action): Andy Serkis
Actress (live action): Julie Andrews
Voice Actor: Oliver Quinn
Voice Actress: Shanelle Gray

And there you have it! Hope y'all had fun perusing the list! :)


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