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Man, I hate this episode so much. Like.

Really, Supernatural. Pitting the brothers against swarms of killer insects?

Really. I'm terrified and phobic enough of insects, thank you very much.

Also, land cursed by Native Americans?

Really, Supernatural? Really.

The insects are bad enough, but the plot of this episode is just so weak. And the sun does not come up that fast, I'm sorry to say, not to mention that it would have been so much smarter for everyone to fight their way into the car and drive away from the swarm of insects. I mean, they would have had plenty of time to get away, especially if they did without all the dramatic posing and staring at the oncoming swarm like a bunch of dumbfucks.

Ugh. This episode was written by Rachel Nave and Bill Coakley, who I notice didn't write another Supernatural episode after this one. Imagine that.

"'Make him listen.' The hell were you thinking." )
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I am mildly annoyed for the moment. I uploaded this pic to use for when I finished reading The Two Towers, and the entry I'll eventually post about that, and then I tried to upload 3 different pictures of Aragorn for this entry, but for some strange reason it wouldn't let me. When it got to the part where you size the picture, it kept reverting back to this one. So...okay then, stupid picture. Whatevs. At least Aragorn's still in this one, I guess.

ANYWAY. So, last time, I talked about The Hobbit. This time around, it's time to talk about the first "book" of the Lord of the Rings "trilogy" proper: The Fellowship of the Ring.

(Mildly interesting factoid: the assumption that LOTR is a trilogy is actually incorrect. Tolkien wrote it all as one book, but his editor/some person with executive power insisted on publishing it into three volumes, because otherwise the book would have been too big, and supposedly there were paper shortages. They also therefore got into quite a few arguments over the titles of each volume; Tolkien was admantly against naming the third book "The Return of the King" because he (correctly, in my opinion) thought it was a huge spoiler for the book, but he was overruled.)

"Well, that rules you out, Pip." )


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