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I think most people will get the drill. This is a list of all of my video game pairings that I ship. OTPs (and the like) will be in bold.

Note: Because my Kingdom Hearts section is going to be so massive, it gets its own post. And if I have crossover pairings with that series (like how, technically, Kairi/Kadaj is, for instance), they'll be listed in that post.

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And here will be a collection of links to all of my other posts that pertain to shipping in some way. Knock yourselves out. :)

Shipping/Pairing Meme

Note: You will only be able to read that post if you're on my friends' list. I'm always happy to make new friends, though, so don't hesitate to add me! :)

Book Pairings

TV Shows/Anime Pairings

Movie Pairings

Kingdom Hearts Pairings

Video Game Pairings
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All of the various pairings I ship in the books that I read. OTPs in bold.

{I haven't quite decided yet whether Harry Potter will be getting its own post. I'll be deciding after I finish the series.}

"I made a promise, Mr. Frodo. A promise! 'Don't you leave him, Samwise Gamgee.' And I don't mean to." )
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The various pairings that I ship in TV shows, both live action and animated/cartoons, and anime. OTPs will be in bold.

"Cas, get out of my ass!" "I was never in....your...." )
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This is a compilation of all the pairings that I ship in films/movies, both live action and animated.

OTPs are in bold.

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Because already my attempts at Master List Shipping Posts are getting too big for their britches, and so I figured it would be wise to start dividing them now, while they're still manageable. Because KH is such a freaking huge fandom for me, and I just have so much to talk about within it, it'll be getting its own post, like so, whereas all my other video game shippings and such will get crammed into another post together. Sound awesome?

Alright, so I kind of feel that this level of...verbosity...deserves an explanation. Like, my other 'main fandom' is Harry Potter, but I really only have about 5 ships that I sail in that fandom,'s up with KH? Well....honestly, while I love writing for HP, and while Remus/Sirius is truly my OTP to end all a lot of ways, KH is really my #1 fandom, simply because I love the...fandom so much. Sure, I love the actual game series and such, but out of every online fandom I've ever been a part of...I don't know, but I've never really had friends and make friends like I do in the KH fandom (which, when you think about it, is rather ironic, given the series' focus on friendship). KH fandom is just fun for me to be in. And unlike with Harry Potter...I don't know. While it's completely possible to crack ship in HP, because Lord knows there are metric tons of characters running around, just like in KH....but I just don't crack ship in most other fandoms like I do in KH. So...there you have it. KH is just weird, my big, weird, crack-loving lovechild, in which my love for ships really knows hardly any boundaries.


(Oh, and apparently, I have this nasty habit of converting people to sailing my ships along with me, so watch out for that as well. Ahahaha...I don't really mean to, I swear?)

I ship: Terrella, AkuRoku, AquVan, SoNami, Zemyx, Namette, KaiVenShi, VenKai, KaiXi, VenShi, SoRiku, AkuSai/LeIsa, VenNami, IenzoKai, Marxene, AerMarly, LexLarx, Cleon, Seiner, Haynette, Seiflette, DemKai, XigLux, LexTifa, SorTron, Alora, Soriel, KaiDaj, Marity, LuxYuffie, SephMal, HadesMal, Ven/young!Hercules, Sora/Joshua

I special platonic/friendship/relationship ship: Maleficent/Riku, Maleficent/Terra, AkuRokuShi(/SaiJaz), Aqua/Ven/Terra(/Vanitas), Hayner/Pence/Olette/Roxas, Ven/Hercules/Zack, Phil/Roxas, Tinker Bell/Ven, Tinker Bell/Roxas, Sora/Leon, Sora/Cloud, Sora/Donald/Goofy, Mickey/Riku, LexZex(/Vex), Aeleus/Ienzo/Even, XigDem, Sora/Pooh, XigRox, RoseRox, Axel/Alice, LuxRox, XalRox(/Axel), Sora/Beast, Aqua/Phillip, Cid/Merlin, ZekuRoku, AkuNami, ZekuNami, LarxNami, LarxShi, ZackVan, LuxShi, Sora/Vanitas, Riku/Quasimodo, Riku/Phoebus, Riku/Esmeralda, Riku/Jiminy Cricket, Sora/Roxas, Auron/Sora, Goofy/Aerith, Maleficent/Minnie, Maleficent/Namine, Tifa/Cloud/Sephiroth, Aqua/Cinderella, Aerith/Leon

I semi-ship: RikuShi, SoKai, Pencette, Namiku, XemQua, Akua, VanKai, ZekuMarly, AkuZeku, AkuMarly, Shiki/Riku, ReplikuSoNami

I sink: MarVex, RokuShi, RokuNami, Larxel, VanShi, XemSai

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So, here we are! The sister post, shall we say, to my Master List of Ships. :)  Now, keep in mind that the same basic idea also applies to this post---I'm going to be slowly working my way through all of my fandoms' canons, and update this as I go along. I'm not going to talk about EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER EVER in these fandoms (though for some, like KH, it'll probably seem like it XD), just the ones that ping on my radar somehow, either positively or negatively. I'll eventually construct a Top Ten Favorites/Least Favorites, but for the most part, it'll be divided by fandom. ^^ Subject to change, obviously.

{FYI: the avatar is Captain Holly Short, from the Artemis Fowl series. :) }

U L T I M A T E   T O P   T E N   F A V O R I T E   C H A R A C T E R S

1. Mat Cauthon  (Wheel of Time)
2. Sirius Black  (Harry Potter)
3. Dean Winchester  (Supernatural)
4. Maleficent  (Disney's Sleeping Beauty)
5. Rarity (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
6. Prince Phillip  (Disney's Sleeping Beauty)

U L T I M A T E   T O P   T E N   L E A S T   F A V O R I T E   C H A R A C T E R S

1. Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter)
2. Professor Hojo (Final Fantasy VII)
3. Agravaine (BBC's Merlin)
4. Ansem the Wise/DiZ (Kingdom Hearts)
5. The Prince/Prince Ferdinand (Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)
6. Queen Morgause/The Queen of Air and Darkness (The Once and Future King)

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SO. Let's kick this thing off, shall we? And as for what this 'thing' is...well. See, I kind of love the idea of having a...master list of ships, if you will. A place where I can keep track and record ALL of the pairings that I ship, for EVERY SINGLE fandom ever that I'm a part of. My profile does a good job of having ENDLESS AMOUNTS OF MY SHIPPING RANTING, but I fear that my profile is getting too big for its britches, and that it has become so beastly that it's starting to break itself. I kind of can't help it, because I have lots of FEELINGS, and the semi-newfound need to EXPRESS them (incidentally, I think this need corresponds with the breaking of the dam of my repressed emotions, but there it is). But, I've been coming to the unhappy realization that I need to lighten the load over on my ffnet profile. Pick only a few fandoms to use that space to expand upon, and keep my master list elsewhere. Hence, this is where LJ comes in. Now, new as I am to this place, I have no idea what sort of limitations there could possibly be, if putting everything here would break LJ (although, if anyone can do it, I'm sure it's me, if I succeed with my plan to literally put every ship I ship into this entry eventually). But, I want to experiment. So, here we are. This is also my first completely public entry, because I'll want to link this in my ffnet profile, and I don't expect to put anything too terribly personal in this thing.

This is how I expect this to go down. I'm going to start off relatively small, and then as I work my way through all of my fandom's canons again (i.e, I plan to reread the Harry Potter series before I list those ships, replay the Kingdom Hearts games before they're put here, etc), I'll come back to this post and edit them in. In short, I'll actually put into motion here what I've been intending to do over on my ffnet profile, before I decided that it was reaching its breaking point. The title of the fandom will be underlined, OTPs and the like will be bolded (and because I can, I'll try to have one for every fandom), and then I'll probably write a short comment or explanation as to why I ship the pairing. As I get into ships for things like HP and KH, my two biggest fandoms, the explanations will be longer. But for some, like Remus/Sirius in HP and Axel/Roxas in KH, I will NOT be posting the full explanations of why I ship them, simply because they're too long. These exceptions may eventually get their own posts, if I decide to publish my rantings, but there it is. And for now, these will only be the pairings I ship. At the bottom, I may eventually add the sink list, or put it into another post. Also, I hope to eventually have a sister post to this one, for my favorite characters and such. But for now, I'm just going to be working on this ship list.

Alright? Okay, off we go! Remember, OTPs are in bold.

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