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So. SO SO SO. Where to begin for my first post on LJ? Talking about a book that I've read recently, in this case, The Hobbit!

First, I suppose I should share a little of my logic behind creating this thing. So, as you, the potential reader of this journal, may or may not be aware of, but I am currently suffering through a bout of depression. Now, I'm on meds, and have started counseling and all that, but I've been told by my mother (who inevitably seems to be my chief confidant) that part of my problem is inherent loneliness. I mean...I don't really have anyone to truly gush at in my real life, or anyone to really confide in. Like...most of my friends simply haven't read the same books that I have, or played the video games that I do, or they are simply too far away, and we are all terrible at keeping in contact with each other. Online friends are a bit better in this regard, but are ultimately more distracting. Anyway, so the point is that I'm creating this journal to fully give myself a place to...gush? Vent what's on my mind, and about what I've been doing recently?

The second part of my reasoning stems from the fact that my doctors have told me that it's a pretty good idea for me to start keeping a journal. Pretty much same as above--this would give me a place to exercise any pent up emotions and make me stop repressing things and freaking out and having panic attacks, etc, etc. Plus, I'm physically disabled (more in-depth details will be a topic for another day...), so it's easier for me to type than it is to handwrite. So....tada! Here I am.

Now, if you know me as Kiryn over on, my profile is pretty infamous for talking about my Feelings on a LOT of things. But I find that I simply have too much to say to fit all of my opinions about EVERYTHING into one mere profile. So, while my ffnet profile is currently home to the largest collection of my thoughts, it still doesn't encompass everything. And eventually I may start posting some of the stuff that's on there over to here on LJ, but that's a thought for a later date. So. To business.

Today, I'm going to talk about/gush/obsess endlessly over a book called The Hobbit, by JRR Tolkien. And first, to give some background as to my experience with the LOTR series.

My mom was a pretty big LOTR fan, and so when it was announced that they were making the trilogy into movies, she immediately declared that she had to go see them. At the time, my little sister Lys (whom you'll probably here a lot about) and me were still pretty young; I was 9 when the first movie came out. And she couldn't find anyone to watch us, so she was pretty much like, "TOO BAD, YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO HAVE TO GO WITH ME, BECAUSE I AM DAMN WELL SEEING THIS THING." Nevermind the fact that I had never even so much as heard of the Lord of the Rings before. In fact, I remember that my first impression of what the movie was about went something along the idea that I thought Frodo and Arwen were in love and that everyone else was hunting down Frodo and trying to kill him.

...Yeah, I know, it made no sense. Anyway, I endured that movie fairly well. The only thing that truly and deeply disturbed my soul was this scene that shows Saruman walking around while newly created/fertilized/whatever Uruk-hai were yanked out of the mud, and in the theater I was like, "MOM. How are they being born out of the mud??!!" And my mom was all, "Hush, that's not important right now." And I was like, "YES IT IS." I just didn't get that scene for the longest time. So, I saw the first two movies, and then in this book order thing that was handed out in my elementary school, I saw that you could get the last book of the series, The Return of the King, and I insisted that my mom buy it for me, because I figured that I'd already seen the first two movies and so I wanted to find out what happened next RIGHT NOW, and not wait until next year. HAHAHA I WAS SO NAIVE. Anywho, so then I ended up reading the series backwards: RotK, TTT, and then lastly FotR. Yeah, I know, I was an incredibly strange child. My overall point, though, is that while I'd read the actual trilogy, I had never read The Hobbit. At first, it was because that was Lys's book, and she was adamant that I didn't borrow her books. And then it came into my possession because she plain didn't want it anymore, but I...just never got around to reading it. Until recently.

See, I follow this blog called "Mark Reads", where a guy named Mark reads books and then posts his thoughts about the chapter that he read. Well, a couple months ago, he decided to tackle the LOTR series, and so he started with the Hobbit. So at long last, I too dug out my copy and read it. I finished it about...a week or so ago? Anyway, after this stupidly long introduction, I am now going to share my thoughts on it!

First thought: I actually enjoyed reading that book a hell of a lot more than I thought I was going to. It's waaaaaay lighter than LOTR, and has a more whimsical, fairy tale-like quality to it. My favorite chapter, hands down, was "Riddles in the Dark", because, uh, DUH, and plus the entire series hinges on it. Plus, I'm biased because I am SO SUPER EXCITED FOR THE HOBBIT TO BE MADE INTO A MOVIE, AND THIS IS THE SCENE THAT I WANT TO SEE THE MOST, DAMN IT!!!! You see, Andy Serkis is my most FAVORITE actor of the cast, his Gollum gives me chills, especially the bit that we've seen so far in the previews. All I can say is that Serkis is going to fucking DOMINATE, and I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THIS, I NEED TO SEE IT!!!! So, uh, yeah. Awesomesauce.

My favorite character is probably Bilbo Baggins himself. The Dwarves are nice, but they can be huge pretentious jerks (Balin's my favorite; he seems to be the coolest, and now it makes me sad that he died in Moria), and Gandalf's cool, but for some reason, he's just not "favorite character material" for me. Bilbo, however...I was surprised by how much I grew to like him. It was a treat, watching him evolve throughout the story into quite the badass and become a "thief" in truth. He's the one with the most amount of common sense, and gets the Dwarves out of most of their troubles and such. And yet, there's this innate goodness about Bilbo: when he frees the Dwarves from Mirkwood, he steals a guard's keys, but is thoughtful enough to give them back so that the guard didn't get in as much trouble; he betrays the Dwarves, but does not abandon them; and, of course, he spares Gollum's life. It's just ADORABLE, and thoroughly AWESOME. And I love how at the end he becomes the exact opposite of the hobbit he started out as in the beginning. And of course, now I notice his awesomeness in LOTR proper, like when he immediately stands up and speaks in defense of Aragorn at the Council of Elrond. I LOVE YOU BILBO, THANKS FOR SUPPORTING MY FAVORITE LOTR CHARACTER!!

Second on the list for I-Want-To-See-This-On-Film-So-Bad, behind the Riddles in the Dark scene, is Smaug the Dragon. Like, when Bilbo and Smaug are speaking together is my second favorite scene in all of the book. Smaug almost kind of reminds me of Maleficent, personality-wise. Like, obviously he's pissed about a piece of his treasure being stolen, and yet he and Bilbo still banter back and forth for quite a while before Smaug attempts to roast him. I dunno, but Smaug's cool and all villain-y, and he is going to be EPIC in the movie.

Elrond is awesome as always, though I do wish the book had spent more time on him, and as are the Eagles, and Beorn has, like, the coolest powers ever. Bard surprised me when he became such an awesome character, and that plot-twist re:Smaug's death was extremely amazing and brilliant. Not to mention that Bard is so nice and polite, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable rudeness and stubborness. ILU Bard, thanks for being nice and a badass! Also, I found the unnamed Thranduil to be pretty damn awesome, in spite of imprisoning the Dwarves, and you can't even get too mad at him for that. I mean, when the town of Long Lake is destroyed, he immediately sends help and food and supplies and all that, and this is especially amazing when you hear so much about this certain kind of disdain that Elves can have towards the other Kindreds. Not to mention the fact that, in the background during this time, Sauron's all HANGING OUT IN SOUTHERN MIRKWOOD, AKA ON THRANDUIL'S FRONT PORCH OR HIS GARAGE OR SOMETHING. (As another note, seeing as the Hobbit movie is going to be split into two parts, I'm assuming that we're going to see more screentime of the ousting of Sauron from Dol Guldur, rather than having it a freaking THROWAWAY LINE AT THE END OF THE BOOK, MAKING IT SEEM LIKE NOT A BIG DEAL AT ALL WHEN IT CLEARLY IS. From the trailer, it looks like Galadriel is caressing Gandalf's face, and I can't imagine what other context this could possibly appear in (OMG, Peter Jackson, please don't ship tease Galadriel/Gandalf, damn it!).) So, uh, anyway, yay Thranduil!

Annnnnd that's all I've got for now. So, in conclusion:

Favorite Characters: Bilbo Baggins, Balin, Elrond, Beorn, all Eagles ever because FUCK YES, Gollum because I love Andy Serkis forever, Smaug, Bard, and Thranduil.

Top Favorite Scenes: "Riddles in the Dark", and Bilbo talking to Smaug

Minor Gripes: Not enough Elrond, and the glossing over of the whole "Necromancer" business. Also, where is my young!Aragorn/Estel?? He would have been so cute, hanging around in Rivendell. Oh well.

Ships: None

Kiryn is now out! Peace!
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