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basically, here is where I'm going to be organizing my thoughts of Pairing/Ship Days I'm going to be trying to hit for this year/years to come. I'll do only one Day for each month, and write a quick oneshot for it, and I'll try to do so in the previous month, at least, so that it's ready to roll on the actual day; plus, this way, I can let it settle for a while and edit at my leisure, instead of stressing myself out and posting it minutes before the day's up. XD

aka, I'm bitter that I didn't realize that there was a Palletshipping Day before it was essentially too late for me to do anything about it. XD *headdesk* I did start something to maybe try to make the deadline, but I didn't, obviously; in any case, I'm still going to finish it up because WHY NOT. Then I'll get started on whatever I decide to do for May. XD Hopefully, this organizing will help me not get wrong-footed again. XD

so, this'll be from a couple of fandoms, though only Kingdom Hearts and Pokemon so far, as I haven't found anything of my other fandoms/ships as having Days. But in case if I do come across something, this'll all be subject to change. :P

(AquKai, NamiShi, and LarXion were chosen because those were the femslash ships that had days; I don't personally ship these, but I always say I support femslash and it needs to be seen more, so I'm putting my money where my mouth is XD)

January - 2/14, Valentine's Day fic (choice of ship)

February - 4/4, Palletshipping Day (Ash/Gary, Pokemon)

March - 5/1, AquKai Day (Aqua/Kairi Day, Kingdom Hearts)

April - 6/9, Zemyx Day (Zexion/Demyx, Kingdom Hearts)

May - 8/4, AkuSaiRokuShi Day (Axel/Saix/Roxas/Xion, Kingdom Hearts

June - 8/13, AkuRoku Day (Axel/Roxas, Kingdom Hearts)

July - 10/12, Terrella Day (Terra/Cinderella, Kingdom Hearts)

August - 11/14, NamiShi Day (Namine/Xion, Kingdom Hearts)

September - 12/7, SoRiku Day (Sora/Riku, Kingdom Hearts)

October - 12/14, LarXion Day (Larxene/Xion, Kingdom Hearts)

November - 12/15, SoNami Day (Sora/Namine, Kingdom Hearts)

December - 2/2, AquVan Day (Aqua/Vanitas, Kingdom Hearts)


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