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I've told myself that at some point, I've got to go through and rewatch pretty much all the Disney movies that I possibly can---because while I love some of them FOREVER AND EVER, and I'm more familiar with others, there are a shocking amount that I haven't seen in pretty much over a decade (I'm 20 yrs old at the moment, so I basically haven't seen some of these since I was a pretty little kid). And I doubt that I've seen some of them more than once, really. Part of the reason for that is because I've purposefully avoided some of the movies like the plague, the most prominent examples being Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, and Pinocchio, and I did that for various reasons that I'll eventually get into (because said reasons are tied up in my repressed emotions and things that people like my counselor and doctor tell me that I need to deal with). But I figure that, aside from the repressed emotions deal, it wouldn't be fair of me to continue to dismiss these movies throughout my life without giving them a chance to be seen through my matured, more adult eyes. So, here I am. I'm trying to go in order of when they were released, so first up is Snow White.

Okay, so let's talk about Snow White. This movie sits right at the top of the "Disney Movies That I Hate" List. The reason for this is kind of two-fold. Firstly, it's because that it has a very negative association in my mind. You see, ever since I was seven, I've had to go to this special hospital to get treatment for my bone disease. I'm fuzzy on the details of this---because looking back it's just a Thing That Always Was, you know? But I think that up until I turned 18, I got basically free treatment at the hospital (and for the record, I know that my mom and I have talked about this, which is why I've got the idea in my head that it was free, but my mind tends to blur and blot out a lot of memories, so I don't quite remember the specifics---just the general idea, and the fact that I know it happened). Anyway, most of what they did was monitoring my left arm and its growth---because I have a spur on one of the bones in my arm, and it slowed down its growth, so the other bone was growing way faster, causing my left arm to bow. Eventually, when I was 17, it got to the point where the bone that was growing too fast was dislocating out of my elbow socket and causing me a heck of a lot of pain, so that's when they did surgery and sawed off a piece of my bone. Anyway, so like I said, most of life they were just monitoring that arm, and various other things at different points. To get back on topic, the city that this hospital was in was about 3-4 hours away from where I lived (sorry for being vague on these details...but you can never be too careful on the Internet). So, when I had to go for my doctor's appointments, we would always have to stay at my grandmother's, my dad's mom's, house. (The number of visits that I had to make every year gradually decreased as I got older to once a year, unless if Something came up.)

And the negative association for Snow White stems from this. My grandmother.

Now, my Grandpa H (as I shall call him), died of lymphnode cancer around this time when we started having to come and stay in the days or nights preceding and sometimes after the special hospital visits. I don't remember him all that clearly, except that we had pictures in our living room when I was growing up of me dancing with him at some sort of family get together when I was really little. And my sister and I had these matching stuffed dinosaurs for years that he apparently gave us. I remember that he was really warm, kind, and gentle, and he was my favorite grandparent, relatively speaking (I never knew my mom's parents all that well, because they lived in Ohio (I live on the West Coast, I can tell you that much), and so apart from when they came out to see my sister and I when we were babies, I only remember going out to Ohio to see them just once. And they're both dead now anyway). I remember that both of my parents were pretty torn up when he died; for my mom, he was her favorite in-law, and really the only one who liked her or gave her any proper respect (more on this later). I vaguely remember attending his funeral---a fuzzy impression of the viewing, but mostly I remember my mom taking me and my sister outside (I don't remember why). I remember that there was a lot of grass and hills, and flowers, and it was a bit of a gray and chilly day; I think that it was held in the morning.

Anyway, the point is that my Grandma H lived alone. She lives in this pretty nice neighborhood; there used to be this golden retriever that lived across the street named Hobbs that would always walk over on his own to come see Lys (my sister) and I when we came to visit. He was pretty much the most mellow dog in the world, and I always loved to see him. I think he's part of the reason that golden retrievers are my favorite breed of dog to this day, and why I've always wanted one, even if I'm not sure that I can ever have one. And I mean that Hobbs would literally come over all on his own, and scratch at the screen door or the back gate, and wait politely for somebody to notice and for us to come out and pet him. And then he'd amble on back home. I kid you not. When he got older, he got to the point where he had trouble walking, so then we had to come over and see him in his own house and stuff; I think his owners were friends of Grandma H (probably, seeing as she's lived there for, like, at least 30 years now). When we were younger, my sister and I absolutely adored her backyard, which was huge, and Grandma H is the one that really got us into collecting Beanie Babies (and I still have all of mine that I collected over the years to this day, and I'll still buy new ones if I run across them). And my dad's two siblings lived fairly close in a neighboring town, my Uncle Jeff and Aunt Shari, and so they and their spouses (Aunt Doris and Uncle Dennis, respectively) would always come over when we were there. I also remember spending quite a few Thanksgivings up there with my dad's family.

But my dad's family have got a lot of cons.

It's not that I don't love them, because I do. Honestly, I really do. But I them more from a distance? Can only handle them in smaller doses?

I suppose it's got a lot to do with how they treat my mom, who is the parent (and family member in general, really) that I'm closest too. It's also probably simply because they're my dad's family, because I've got a number of Issues with my father. But to really understand, I should explain that my dad was married before my mom came along, to a woman named Kate, and that he'd had two kids then, my older half-siblings Jesseca and Jason. And my Grandma H and Aunt Shari loved Kate. Because they're both...kind of prim and proper, if you would. They've got this sort of...mold. My mom calls it "the H***** women mold". You have to fit into this sort of narrow world view that they have. They've got this sort of...I guess you could call it a fixation on image and appearance. You know the kind of people that I'm talking about? They're...well, they're kind of snobbish. Not particularly malicious snobs, but---snobs nonetheless. And I hardly know Kate, or the relationship that they had with her, but I know that Grandma H was particularly proud at that time because my dad was sort of the perfect kid in that he hadn't gotten a divorce, unlike Aunt Shari and Uncle Jeff (and he's had, like, 6 or so different wives). Grandma H would have preferred to have the perfect children who would go on to have perfect lives and get that perfect marriage on the first try and have perfect kids, etc, etc. Not that I'm saying that there's anything wrong with wanting the best, but...there it is. And obviously she didn't get that. So when it seemed like my dad was going to be the Perfect one, well....she was happy.

And then Dad and Kate got divorced, and he met my mom, they had me, and then they got married.

And Grandma H has never been...overly fond of my mom, shall we say.

The first misstep was that I'm technically a child born out of wedlock. I was going to say that I'm a bastard child, but I'm actually not sure if that would be my dad wasn't having an affair or anything, which is usually when bastards historically turned up...anyway, the terminology's not so important. But my parents weren't married when they had me. In fact, I actually think that my younger sister might have already been five months on the way when they finally decided to get hitched (Lys and I are barely a year apart in age). In any case, all of this was a big no-no for my grandma. They liked Kate. And then they got stuck with my mom.

And my mom doesn't fit in their little mold or anything. My mom is actually rather...manly, in the sense that she ends up taking up a lot of the gender roles that are normally assigned to me. She's the general handyman around the house, not my dad; for one of my early birthdays, she was outside grilling food while my dad was inside baking the cake. My mom hardly ever had dates in high school because she'd gotten into fights with most of the boys at some point when they were younger, and they remembered her as the girl who would punch them in the face. My mom drinks regularly (she doesn't get drunk all that often, but she does drink at least a glass of beer a couple days a week), she smokes cigarettes (though she's thankfully been cutting down on that), she basically is who she is, and she's not ashamed or afraid of that. And I've always loved going to visit my mom's side of the family more, because we get to be silly and have fun. And my dad's family...isn't like that. There aren't silly jokes that we constantly recite to each other to endless laughter, there aren't marshmallow fights or ghost stories or playacting or Mad Libs or getting into stupid fights over the right way to play Monopoly. No, at my grandma's, it's always...small talk with the adults. Watching sports and golf on TV. Cooking and cleaning, and basically getting regulated to the other room, and having basically only Lys and Mom for company, and no games outside of our own imaginations.

To bring this back on topic, there were three TVs in Grandma H's house: one in her bedroom, one in the 'living room', and this tiny old beat up one in the 'family room', which was the room that Lys and I always ended up getting shunted into, and the one that we had to sleep in. We were only allowed to watch whatever the adults were watching in the living room, which was usually sports of some kind (and I hate sports, fyi ftr). And the only thing that she had in the entire house that would play movies was a VCR that they made this huge deal about plugging into the family room (I remember it taking for-freaking-ever to get set up, and I remember this because I was impatient to be able to finally watch a movie at her house). And she only had 3 VCR tapes to watch---two that were these old, adult movies that I don't remember the titles of, and the last one was Snow White.

The first time, we were forced to watch Snow White, because we'd never been able to bring our own movies before. Then as we grew up and DVDs came around, all the movies we wanted to bring and watch were DVDs, which we couldn't play there. So, because it was pretty much the only movie available (especially when Mom started giving away and getting rid of a lot of our VHS movies), a lot of resentment towards Snow White started brewing in the back of my mind. And as I grew older and started repressing and disconnecting myself from my negative feelings towards Grandma H in specific (there's a whole host of stories of the way she's been snubbing my mom over all these years), my dad, my dad's family, and the fact that those visits were so intimately tied to the special hospital and therefore my bone disease...well, I ended up channeling them all onto Snow White, which was an easy target because I've always frustrated with the fact that she's a rather weak character, etc, and whether the movie deserved it or not.

So, while I couldn't say that I hate any of the aforementioned things that I've channeled onto the movie, I do have this deep and abiding hatred of Snow White (it's not as deep as the hatred that I have for Pinocchio, but it's up there). Thus, I've been avoiding it for many a long year.

And phew, but that explanation ended up being way longer than I intended, but the gist is that now I'm giving the movie a second chance. I've started watching it on youtube. I haven't finished watching it yet; I'm actually only 6 minutes in, but I decided to start this post so that I can write down the comments I have while I'm watching, so that I don't forget anything by the end. And now I'm glad that I did, with that freaking long introduction. So! Let's begin!

- I totally forgot the detail that the Evil Queen (aka Grimhilde) made Snow White dress in rags to try to hide her beauty and made her into a scullery maid. Huh. And what is with fairy tales and scullery maids?

-Okay, I have issues with Prince Charming at the end of the movie, but JESUS MOTHER OF CHRIST, HELLO TO YOU BEING A CREEPER RIGHT HERE IN THE BEGINNING. Like, I know that the way Prince Phillip comes up and starts dancing with Aurora in the woods is kind of creepy, but my Phillip's got NOTHING on this guy. Like, at least Aurora's out in what could be defined as the public space, you know? Phillip's got as much right to be out in the woods as she does. But this Prince Charming CLIMBS OVER THE WALL INTO THE COURTYARD OF SOMEONE ELSE'S PROPERTY. TRESPASSING MUCH? And then Snow White's singing and looking at her reflection in the well, and then he just POPS UP BEHIND HER. I sincerely don't blame her for freaking out about this, and was actually impressed that she ran inside and slammed the door on him without talking to him. Like, way to go for not talking to strangers! Okay, now I'm going to get back to the movie, as I've left off with CREEPER DUDE starting to sing to her. I know I'm going to get annoyed with Snow White later, but still, props for the moment for not being quite as stupid as I thought she was.

-Notes on the rest of that scene: Well, she's still got props for not talking to him or singing back, even if she did fuss about her hair and such before going out on the balcony and watching him sing at her, and then giving a dove a kiss to give to him. But I'm supposed to be being fair, and so I guess that I can't blame her for not wanting to completely pass up on a cute guy who obviously likes her, especially when her stepmother's purposefully been trying to make her ugly all her life. So, okay. Prince Charming, you're still a creeper. Oh, and oops on the Evil Queen seeing all of this going down. Let me check in with her for the next scene.

-I kind of feel sorry for the Huntsman. Also, it's sad that Snow's so jazzed about getting to go out and pick flowers. Also, apparently the Huntsman knows quite well that she's the princess. Does everyone know, or is he just Special? And doesn't he think that it's weird for the Princess to be a scullery maid?

-Snow White can literally talk to birds. And presumably all animals. This is Disney, but still.

-Okay, seriously, IF SOMEONE IS COMING AT YOU WITH A KNIFE, YOU DO NOT JUST GASP AND COVER YOUR HEAD. And so it begins. And she doesn't know who's insanely jealous of her...Snow White, do you not find it strange that she makes you wear rags and be a scullery maid?

-And now I realize for the first time that the Scary Trees are not real, and just her imagination. Hmm. Also, it's amazing how quickly the forest became full of light.

-No, she LITERALLY TALKS TO ANIMALS, AND THEY UNDERSTAND HER. I DON'T KNOW WHY THIS SEEMS LIKE SUCH A BIG DEAL TO ME, BECAUSE IT'S DISNEY, BUT I AM ANYWAY. Maybe I just find it strange that she talks to animals better than she talks to people.

-I know people have commented on how rude it was for Snow White to just barge into the dwarves' house and start cleaning it, but she did knock, and it was so dirty that it looked like it had been abandoned, so I kind of don't blame her for what she does. I mean, I'd have probably thought it was abandoned too.

-Okay, so she doesn't think it's abandoned, like I would have. She thinks that seven orphaned children live there, and that they don't know how to clean because they have no mother(s), so she's going to clean the house to surprise them, and hope that they'll let her stay after that. ... Alright, then.

-I wish that I could get woodland creatures to clean my house for me. Wouldn't that be sweet?

-"Mark my words, there's a trouble brewing. I've been feeling it coming on all day. My corns are hurting." "Oh, that's a bad sign!" LOL.

-Also: "Our cobwebs are missing." The dishes are hid in the cupboard. HAHAHA. And Jesus, that's a freaking powerful sneeze, since it BLEW THEM ALL AND ALL THE FURNITURE INTO THE WALL.

-And OMG, HAHAHAHA, the birds decide to start trolling the dwarfs. Good Lord.

-"What is it?" "Why, it's a girl!" Jeez, Happy, what else?

-"She's a female! And full of wicked wiles!" "What are wicked wiles?" "I don't know." Lordy.

-"Basically, if you let me stay here and hide from the Queen, who would kill you if she finds out, I'll keep house for you, and cook and everything. I'll even make you gooseberry pie." "Gooseberry pie?! SHE STAYS!" Men.

-You know, in the Queen's spellbook, when it's talking about the poisoned apple, it says that the victim's eyes will close forever in the sleeping death, but then there's a bunch of ellipses after that sentence. The Queen should probably have turned the page to read the rest of it. Maybe it would have said that the spell could be broken by True Love's Kiss.


-Oh, the Queen did turn the page and read about the antidote. But she disregards this. least she's not a complete idiot. And it's the FIRST kiss of love, not "true love". HMMMM. VERY INTERESTING. I think I shall take this to mean that they are NOT each other's true love. This makes me kind of feel better.

-The Queen totally is poling a gondola in an underground river. THE PHAAAAAAAAANTOM OF THE OPERA IS HEEEEEEERE.

-Poor Snow White. First the Prince, and now the Hag/Queen. Creepers keep springing up on her. But Snow White, you are ALSO A DUMBASS. Can't you talk to animals? Why is it NOW of all times that you can't understand what they're trying to tell you? YOU ALWAYS HAVE BEFORE. Also, why do you want to have the Prince take you away to live in a castle when you ALREADY LIVED IN ONE?!

-What happened to the Queen? Lightning striking the rock she was on in the nick of time, causing her to fall, and the boulder she was trying to use to crush the dwarves, ends up crushing her instead? That's called KARMA, BITCH. Heh.

-Direct quote, by the way: "...the Prince, who had searched far and wide, heard of the maiden who slept in the glass coffin." Great. So, not only is he a creeper, he's also a stalker. Searching for a girl he met only once when he broke into her property. Awesome. Also, but from what I can gather, the main story took place over the course of two days, but apparently the dwarfs had her in that glass coffin for quite a while. Huh. Also, HOW did the Prince hear of the maiden? Only the dwarfs knew. So who told who? At least in Kingdom Hearts, they solve this loophole by making the person be Aqua. Also, for the length of time that Snow White was asleep and the Queen dead...was their kingdom in total anarchy? Or is there a king? Siblings? SOMEBODY to run the affairs while the Queen was off in her black magic hijinks?

-Oh, and the Prince is also totally a poser. Really, you should see this pose he struck when he was singing to Snow White's coffin. Also, his horse was practically a statue in a background shot.

-And up he comes, like kissing what he thinks is a corpse is totally natural, and off Snow White goes with the Prince. Big whoop.

So! My thoughts, having now seen the movie for the first time in years? Well...I kind of like Snow White better. Apart from her stupidity with the Prince and eating the apple, she's pretty fun and spirited. And yes, she cooks and cleans and all....but at least they make it clear that it's just a part of the bargain. It's a bit unfortunate that, once you take a step back, of the only two women in the movie, one is evil, and the other one basically ends up as a housewife to seven men, but at least in-story the dwarfs are nice and respectful, even though Snow White's kind of rude in that she treats the older men like children, which I suppose could be justified by the fact that everyone recognizes her position as royalty, but still--it's rude. I dislike the Prince even more than I did before, the various animals are adorable, all of the dwarfs' dialogue that went right over my head when I last saw the movie is hilarious, and the Queen is...interesting.

There are a few plot holes (like...are they going to merge their kingdoms now? What?), but overall, for Disney's first movie, it's alright. Still have my own personal issues, but I think I've done a fair job in giving it another chance. Will I watch it again? Eh...I won't be eagerly seeking it out, that's for sure. But if it comes up every once in a blue moon, then sure.

Now, just a bit on ships (because I can)! I reject Prince/Snow White, and if I decided to ship anything, it'd be Snow White/Grumpy, Snow White/Doc, Snow White/Happy, and Doc/Grumpy. I'm also curious about the relationship between the Huntsman and Snow White. Like, did he not kill her just because of morales, or did he know her pretty well, and how well did he know her, etc. (Also, I'm insisting on this shipping because of a wonderful essay that I read last year about the ableism present in Snow White, and so I'm trying to combat that by thinking outside of the box ^^)

Hookay then, that's all for now! Next time for Disney movies, it'll be Pinocchio, apparently! And goody, it's another of my least favorite Disney movies! Huzzah!

I'm going to put down a list here, just for reference so I don't have to keep looking it up.

1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
2. Pinocchio
3. Fantasia
4. Dumbo
5. Bambi
6. Cinderella
7. Alice in Wonderland
8. Peter Pan
9. Lady and the Tramp
10. Old Yeller
11. Sleeping Beauty
12. Swiss Family Robinson (I remember liking the race on all the animals)
13. 101 Dalmatians
14. The Incredible Journey
15. The Sword in the Stone
16. Mary Poppins (which, to the shock of many, I've never actually seen)
17. The Jungle Book
18. The AristoCats
19. Bedknobs and Broomsticks
20. Robin Hood
21. The Rescuers
22. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
23. The Fox and the Hound (<3)
24. The Black Cauldron
25. The Great Mouse Detective
26. Oliver and Company
27. The Little Mermaid
28. The Rescuers Down Under
29. Beauty and the Beast (should have remembered to see it in 3D)
30. Aladdin
31. Hocus Pocus (FTW)
32. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey
33. The Lion King
34. A Goofy Movie
35. Pocahontas
36. Toy Story
37. James and the Giant Peach (blech, I really hate this movie)
38. Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco
39. The Hunchback of Notre Dame
40. 101 Dalmatians (live action)
41. Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas
42. Air Bud
43. Hercules
44. Mulan
45. Pocahontas II
46. Lion King II
47. A Bug's Life
48. Tarzan
49. Inspector Gadget
50. Fantasia 2000
51. Toy Story II
52. An Extremely Goofy Movie
53. Dinosaur
54. The Littler Mermaid II
55. 102 Dalmatians
56. The Emperor's New Groove
57. Lady and the Tramp II
58. Atlantis: The Lost Empire
59. Spirited Away
60. The Princess Diaries
61. Monsters, Inc
62. Return to Neverland
63. Cinderella II
64. Lilo and Stitch
65. Treasure Planet
66. Brother Bear
67. The Jungle Book 2
68. Atlantis: Milo's Return
69. Finding Nemo
70. Home on the Range
71. The Three Muskateers (MDG version)
72. Howl's Moving Castle
73. Mulan II
74. The Incredibles
75. Kronk's New Groove
76. Chicken Little
77. The Fox and the Hound 2
78. Bambi II
79. Cars
80. Enchanted
81. Ratatouille
82. Cinderella III
83. Meet the Robinsons
84. Little Mermaid III
85. Tinker Bell
86. Bolt
87. Wall E
88. Ponyo
89. The Princess and the Frog
90. Up
91. Tangled
92. TRON Legacy
93. Toy Story 3
94. Cars 2
95. Big Hero 6
96. Frozen
97. Inside Out
98. Brave
99. Monsters University
100. The Good Dinosaur

Phew. That's a long list. And now I'm out!
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