Apr. 3rd, 2013

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So, here we come to the episode that really kicks off the MythArc; aka, Epic Plot Shenanigans are afoot in this episode. If one is like me, and pays attention, this should be exceedingly obvious, as this episode was written by Eric Kripke himself (who had a hand in the majority of the big Mytharc episodes of this season; except for "Heaven and Hell" and "The Real Ghostbusters", for the rest of the seasons that he was Showrunner, he stuck to the first and last episodes of the seasons. And then I guess he stepped in as some kind of guest writer for the last episode of season 6, "The Man Who Knew Too Much").

how could I have burned paradise? )
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Alright, testing to see if LJ is glitching on me big time...that would be a yes. What the fuck. For some reason, LJ is refusing to let me use my enter key. See? I literally cannot make a new paragraph. And it's not my computer....this is solely happening on LJ. Nowhere else. So, while this is bugging the fuck out, I guess I at least won't be uploading any new posts for the time being. :/ I swear to fucking god that LJ hates me more than most people, AND HERE IS SOME PROOF.


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