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What the actual fuckery.

So hey.

Y'all see this?

Enter key and paragraphs.

So apparently, LJ decided to reach an extra level of stupidity for me. See, I live in the Dark Ages or whatever, and I normally use Internet Explorer as my browser--mostly because it works just fine, so I don't see any reason to update, you know? And it still works fine. Except for posting/editing my Livejournal entries.

Literally, that's the only thing. When I use Internet Explorer, LJ won't let me use the enter key. Again, NOWHERE ELSE does it or anything else have a problem. LJ is even gracious enough to let me proceed as normal when posting comments. But when it comes to my journal entries, suddenly LJ does the Hulk smash of stupid, and so here I am.

I downloaded Google Chrome, just to see exactly how badly LJ is wigging on me. And so. Clearly, LJ doesn't have a problem anymore.

So in conclusion, LJ sucks, I'll still mostly be sticking to Internet Explorer, 'cause I like my fucking settings, thanks kindly, and don't want to have to deal with the hassle of transferring everything the fuck over, but when I want to post/edit journal entries on LJ, I guess I'm resigned to Chrome.


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