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2015-12-29 09:39 am

Kiryn Liveblogs the KH 2.5 Re:coded Movie; Part 3 [Castle Oblivion & the Secret Endings]

In which I am going to cry A LOT about Roxas, AkuRokuShi, Namine, and SoNami. And am also probably going to overquote this section to death. Sorry, but this part of Re:coded almost gives me more feels than any other part of the series (though, to be fair, the overload of feels at this point is only possible because of the foundations that have been built from the rest of the series, but you get what I mean XD).

As a reminder, all the AkuRokuShi squeeing and crying will mostly be about their general friendship. And me crying about how Roxas became the saltiest winter adult of all time. :P

onwards we go, into spoilers once more! )
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2015-12-29 03:37 am

Kiryn Liveblogs the KH 2.5 Re:coded Movie; Part 2 [Hollow Bastion & Riku's Datascape]

Also known as, the part where I cry a lot about SoRiku. XD XD XD So, uh...fair warning. :P And then this is also the section where I flail a lot about platonic Sora/Donald/Goofy. :3

You know, it's funny, but even though I objectively like SoNami more, it's actually SoRiku that I "endgame" ship. Is that weird? I think it's because SoNami gets comparatively less canon time spent on it, whereas a game never goes by in the series without spending some time on SoRiku, so in the end, the latter relationship is the one that gets the most development in the entire series (and that's true whether you interpret it as romantic or platonic).

(In any case, it turns out alright enough for me, because when SoRiku happens I just stick Namine with Olette. XP And there's always the polyamory option. XD)

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2015-12-09 10:12 pm

Kiryn Liveblogs the KH 2.5 Re:coded Movie; Part 1 [First Trip Through the Worlds]


I have no idea how many posts this is going to end up taking (maybe 3? As I think the game is split into 3 sections, Sora's first trip through the Disney worlds, Riku's datascape, then all the stuff in Castle Oblivion), but I've watched that movie through 3 times now, and I have tons of comments on it, and this is the most organized way I can think of talking about it all: through a liveblog. So, here I am, about to embark upon watching this for a fourth time, and transcribing my explosion of feels here in the following post(s) for all the world to see. Hell, I may even end up posting a link for these LJ pages to my tumblr, but we'll see.

Anyway. Here's a brief backstory about my relationship to this game, and what to expect beyond the cut, which is when the liveblog will begin.

So. Back when Re:coded became available for international audiences, I bought it and played it. I know that a lot of people had very negative reactions to it, but I personally loved it for a variety of reasons. Sure, the Disney worlds aren't brand new, but I think there was a new enough story there to make it interesting to me, plus I had tons of feels explosions for Namine, SoNami, SoRiku, Maleficent, Data Sora in general, the best relationship between Sora, Donald, and Goofy yet in the series, and then all the stuff that went down in the Castle Oblivion portion of the game did me in, and made my Roxas, AkuRokuShi, and AkuRoku fangirl heart die, and then die a further death when Terra, Aqua, and Ven were shown. I also rather enjoyed the interactions that Sora had in the Disney worlds, with Alice in particular.

Sure, there were some things that annoyed me (like the inexplicable lack of Kairi in this game, WHAT THE FUCK YOU GUYS, SQUARE, STOP DOING THIS TO HER DAMN IT, SHE NEEDS  M O R E  SCREEN TIME, GIVE IT TO HER ALREADY; also at least Data Riku had an excuse to not be on Destiny Islands, but they never even bothered to try to explain Kairi's absence, and excepting the opening and ending, she was only brought up once for Data Riku to use to make a point to Data Sora, and as you might be able to tell, this rather infuriates me. Excuse my ranting, but seriously, it's like they only ever want Kairi around sometimes to shove SoKai into my face, but then they maddeningly seem to not care about her otherwise, or even to properly develop the SoKai relationship in the first place, and it's like, I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT, SQUARE, BUT YOU JUST WON'T, AND I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY. I honestly would not have the problems that I do with SoKai as a romantic relationship if they would just give her the proper development that she deserves already, damn them. >.>), but for the most part, I loved the game. As far as the gameplay itself, I thought it took advantage of the unique platforming opportunities that the premise of the game offered, and for the most part, I don't mind the gameplay at all. (I've even been replaying it recently, and it's a lot of fun, especially now that I've figured out how the Stat Matrix really works XD)

The first time I saw the Re:coded movie on the 2.5 Remix, I was absolutely blown away. The added content, the way they handled the battling and the Disney could tell that they took what worked from the Days movie, and then completely improved on all of the drawbacks, and the end result is stunning. Sure, there are a couple of lines that I missed from the game (like Data Sora's glorious, "Riku, shut up," line; I seriously died forever XD XD XD But I do understand why this line in particular was cut, even if I do love it, because it didn't fit with the tone they ended up going for in the movie, which I loved a lot, so whatever), but for the most part, I love this movie to pieces, and it's made me love the game all the more too.

So now, I'm gonna be watching this movie for a 4th time, and recording my impressions of it here. Obviously, this isn't going to be like my KH3D liveblogging that I did, as I already know what to expect from this movie, but the format and such will probably be similar.

So then. Onwards we go! As a word of warning though, apart from spoilers (of which there will be plenty), beyond the cut is going to contain copious amounts of squee and crying for the following: the characters of Namine/Data Namine, Data Sora, Roxas/Data Roxas, Maleficent, and probably others; the friendship between Sora, Donald, and Goofy (I am not even kidding when I say that this is my favorite game for highlighting their bond XD); and for the ships of Sora/Namine, Sora/Riku, Axel/Roxas/Xion, and a tiny bit of Roxas/Axel. I know that there are some people who frequent my LJ who have problems with some of those pairings in particular, at least the romantic interpretation, but...well, I'm not sorry, but I DO like those listed pairings as romance (well. I'm mostly talking about SoRiku here, as AkuRokuShi is still mostly platonic for me, but hey, I just love their relationship so much that, so long as it's celebrating that bond, I don't care if it's romantic or not, I them all being together with each other, and I don't really care how XD), so I'm not going to censor my genuine reactions in that regard. warned, because I do ship queer pairings, and I won't really appreciate any bashing or queerphobia in the comments. :)

Okay? We're all clear and cool and understand? Alright, if you still wish to, NOW you may proceed. XP

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2015-04-06 10:31 pm

Pairing Days

basically, here is where I'm going to be organizing my thoughts of Pairing/Ship Days I'm going to be trying to hit for this year/years to come. I'll do only one Day for each month, and write a quick oneshot for it, and I'll try to do so in the previous month, at least, so that it's ready to roll on the actual day; plus, this way, I can let it settle for a while and edit at my leisure, instead of stressing myself out and posting it minutes before the day's up. XD

aka, I'm bitter that I didn't realize that there was a Palletshipping Day before it was essentially too late for me to do anything about it. XD *headdesk* I did start something to maybe try to make the deadline, but I didn't, obviously; in any case, I'm still going to finish it up because WHY NOT. Then I'll get started on whatever I decide to do for May. XD Hopefully, this organizing will help me not get wrong-footed again. XD

so, this'll be from a couple of fandoms, though only Kingdom Hearts and Pokemon so far, as I haven't found anything of my other fandoms/ships as having Days. But in case if I do come across something, this'll all be subject to change. :P

(AquKai, NamiShi, and LarXion were chosen because those were the femslash ships that had days; I don't personally ship these, but I always say I support femslash and it needs to be seen more, so I'm putting my money where my mouth is XD)

January - 2/14, Valentine's Day fic (choice of ship)

February - 4/4, Palletshipping Day (Ash/Gary, Pokemon)

March - 5/1, AquKai Day (Aqua/Kairi Day, Kingdom Hearts)

April - 6/9, Zemyx Day (Zexion/Demyx, Kingdom Hearts)

May - 8/4, AkuSaiRokuShi Day (Axel/Saix/Roxas/Xion, Kingdom Hearts

June - 8/13, AkuRoku Day (Axel/Roxas, Kingdom Hearts)

July - 10/12, Terrella Day (Terra/Cinderella, Kingdom Hearts)

August - 11/14, NamiShi Day (Namine/Xion, Kingdom Hearts)

September - 12/7, SoRiku Day (Sora/Riku, Kingdom Hearts)

October - 12/14, LarXion Day (Larxene/Xion, Kingdom Hearts)

November - 12/15, SoNami Day (Sora/Namine, Kingdom Hearts)

December - 2/2, AquVan Day (Aqua/Vanitas, Kingdom Hearts)
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2014-03-15 05:21 pm

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

Hahaha so this is my new game, and once I got the hang of it, I'm really enjoying it, so this is me writing down my plans for my job classes and shit. Please feel free to ignore this, but I'm making it so my friends can see, if y'all are interested in what I'm currently doing with my time. :)

how else am i going to keep track of this shit, because you can have 24 party members for fuck's sake )
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2013-08-18 10:21 pm

Character Meme from tsutsuji

So, the idea is that I was given a letter (M, in this case), and I have to think of five fictional characters whose names start with that letter, and then list them and comment about them. I've been meaning to do this for about a year or so now (*cringes* fuck, but time flies too fast :/), so let me finally hop to!

1. Mat Cauthon, from the Wheel of Time series

Mmmhmm. So, this dude is my most favorite fictional character of all time, the ruler by which I measure other characters, and if they remind me of him, then it's a point of awesome in their favor. I think part of what appeals to me about his character, especially when held up against his fellow main characters, Rand and Perrin, is that he is refreshingly non-emo and isn't all dourness and doom and gloom all the time. I mean, I give Rand a pass for the most part, because his situation sucks endlessly and I feel desperately sorry for the poor guy, but he IS undeniably....emo, and isn't the happiest camper to be around (again, reasonably so, but still). And ugh, Perrin, FUCKING GOD, I want to smack him so much for his largely unnecessary (in my opinion, obvs) amount of emo and angsting and carrying on, and GODDAMN IT PERRIN, IT'S BOOK FUCKING THIRTEEN AND EVEN RAND HAS STOPPED ANGSTING BY THIS POINT, STOP WITH YOUR EMO-NESS OF DOOM, PERRIN, FUCKING STOP ITTTTTTTTT MOVE THE FUCK ON ALREADY. So Mat is a wonderfully fresh breath of snarky, not emo and angsty air, and one that I desperately need in this series. It also doesn't hurt Mat in my esteem that he's an unrepentant badass and a Good Daddy figure to an orphan he picks up off the street, and Mat just...Mat's life sucks as much as the rest of the cast, and he takes as many sucker punches as the rest of them (like being goddamned raped for the cause, for instance), but Mat rolls with it in a way that the other characters don't. He simply doesn't let himself get bogged down in self-loathing or angst or in anything---instead, he refuses to let himself be shamed, and he KEEPS MOVING FORWARD, no matter what. And no matter how much he may grumble and complain about how he isn't a bloody hero, he's always willing to go far out of his way to help and save people, anybody, even people that he doesn't like, and he does that because it's the right thing to do. Impossible odds just don't exist for Mat Cauthon, even setting aside his super powered luck, and he inspires me to remember to always put your best foot forward, no matter what may come your way, and to always face the  world with a smile and to laugh instead of crying.

2. Maleficent, from Disney's Sleeping Beauty

Hahahahahaha. I bet no one's surprised that she wound up listed here. Man alive, I love this woman. I really fucking do. Because she's got it all, really. She's badass, she's clever as all get out, she's sneaky and adaptable, she's powerful, and she literally takes shit from no one. You rudely snub her and not invite her to a party that everyone who's everyone is going to attend? Maleficent will show the fuck up anyway, and completely fuck your shit up in a way that'll have a devastating affect on you for decades to come, and you'll regret that you ever thought of disrespecting her. Basically, I love Maleficent because she makes no bones about herself: call her an evil bitch if you want, because she has no fucks to give. She is mighty and powerful and smarter than you, and she refuses to let anyone belittle her, and she knows she's worthy of respect, and feels absolutely no shame. She is what she is, and she needs no excuses. And she does all of this while being extremely elegant and classy as fuck.

Also, she can turn into a motherfucking DRAGON. Your argument is now invalid.

3. Marluxia, from Kingdom Hearts

Mmm. Now, Marly may not be my favorite KH character, or even just my favorite in Organization XIII or in Re:CoM, but I still love his character a whole fucking bunch. And he does contribute to the STORM OF AWESOMENESS that makes Re:CoM my very favorite KH game. I think what I enjoy about this character so much is that, really, Square Enix could have gone horribly wrong with him, but instead they ended up making this wonderful bundle of contradictions and subversion of the stereotype. Because really: dude was originally conceived to be a girl, has pink hair and flower power, and basically pink everything else associated with him as well. An unfortunate many have decried him as "gay", a "fruitcake", a "wimp" and a "pussy", etc, blah. And yet, he's got this deep, baritone voice, is cruel and sadistic as fuck, a champion at manipulation, a badass and can hold his own against Axel, the assassin of the Org, and I'm sorry, but I'm pretty sure that you're lying if you say that his scythe doesn't scare you at all. He is merciless and pitiless, and yet a visionary that probably would have been a better leader to the Organization, and he hit the nail on the head dead center about Xemnas, and he facilitated and engineered the best plot and character development in the Kingdom Hearts series. Pink hair and flower power not only do not detract from his awesomeness, but I feel that they actually add on to it. Whoever said, "Pink is manly" definitely had Marluxia in mind.

4. Minerva McGonagall, from the Harry Potter series

Seriously, who doesn't love this woman? Who dares not to? She has all this subtle snark, with, and dry humor that is fucking HILARIOUS to read, y'all, she's strict and fair and loves her students fiercely, she's brave as all get out and stands up for what's right without being a complete moron about it, she's an avalanche of badass awesomeness, and she refuses to take shit from anyone, and loyal to beyond the hilt, and she commands the love and respect of her students because she is awesome and a great teacher. In essence, you don't fuck with this woman, because you will not win.

5. Morgause, from BBC's Merlin

Because she beats Arthur's ass around and trumps his swordsmanship, and to fuck with his sexism. Words cannot convey how much I cheered at her rampant badassery. Best of all, she never places her ambition or revenge over her love for her family, and she always chooses her sister over evilness every time.
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2013-07-31 02:44 am

Kiryn's List of Books that She Wants to Buy

Because I've never actually written them all down in one place. So, yeah. And this is subject to change, obviously.

- Linger / Forever, by Maggie Stiefvater (I have the first book)
- Blue is for Nightmares / White is for Magic / Silver is for Secrets / Red is for Remembrance, by Laurie Faria Stolarz (I HAD THESE BOOKS, AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S BECOME OF THEM. HGGGGNNNNNN. MUCH PURCHASE THEM ANEW, BECAUSE I LOVE THEM!!!!!!)
- The Ordinary Princess, by M. M. Kaye
- The Princess and the Snowbird / The Princess and the Horse / The Princess and the Wolf / The Rose Throne, by Mette Ivie Harrison
- Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian, by Eoin Colfer (wow, I totally fucking missed that the last book of this series has been published for about a year. Sheesh.)
- Lord Soth / Riverwind the Plainsman / Flint the King / Flight of the Fallen / Return of the Exile / Draconian Measures / The Dawning of a New Age / The Day of the Tempest / The Eve of the Maelstrom ~ Dragonlance
- Night's Master / Death's Master / Delusion's Master / Delirium's Mistress / Night's Sorceries / Black Unicorn / Gold Unicorn / Red Unicorn / 34 / Fatal Women / Cast a Bright Shadow / Here in Cold Hell / No Flame but Mine, by Tanith Lee
- The Wizard Heir / The Dragon Heir / The Enchanter Heir, by Cinda Williams Chima
- Watership Down, by Richard Adams
- Sapphique, by Catherine Fisher
- Hero / Dearest, by Alethea Kontis
- The Doomsday Book, by Connie Willis
- Ebon, by Robin McKinley
- Shadowscale, by Rachel Hartman
- Scorch / Rogue, by Gina Damico
- Santa Olivia / Saints Astray, by Jacqueline Carey (because it sounds sooooo fascinating)

- Six of Crows, by Leigh Bardugo
- Stars Above / Heartless, by Marissa Meyer
- Captive Prince trilogy??
- Your Favorite Seuss: A Baker's Dozen from the One and Only Dr. Seuss
- Dogsbody, by Diana Wynne Jones
- The Wrath & the Dawn / The Rose & the Dagger, by Renee Ahdieh
- Rose Under Fire, by Elizabeth Wein

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2013-05-14 06:11 am

Random Post About Tropes/Character Types That Kiryn Adores

Because I can and because I feel like doing it. *shrugs*

Deal with it )
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2013-04-23 06:42 pm

Supernatural Critical Story/Writing Analysis---"Asylum" (1.10)

Such a glorious episode, isn't it, and fraught with Winchester brother angst. It's also, I think, the first episode since "Wendigo" that puts emphasis on all that rage that is at times central to Sam's character. And unless if you count "Bloody Mary", it's also the first time that we're shown a...shall we say, darker Sam, or at least a Sam that is lacking his empathy filter, which is also something we'll see rear its head again, particularly in season 6.

This episode, I'll state for the record, was written by Richard Hatem, and this is the last episode that he'll write for Supernatural. He also wrote "Phantom Traveler", and it's interesting to me that both of his episodes carried themes of possession in them. Hmm.

"Let me know if you see any dead people, Haley Joel." )
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2013-04-10 08:51 pm

On Dean Winchester and His Repressed Bisexuality: Evidence through the Seasons

Chapter One:

It Began with a Hook Man, with a Brief Stop Over Into Playthings, and References to Something Wicked (and the lovely parenting skills of one John Winchester).

Spoiler Warning: The following meta assumes the reader has knowledge of Supernatural canon up to the current season (8), with specific attention paid to the episodes "Hook Man", "Playthings", and "Something Wicked".

(Look at me, being all professional and shit.)

"Could you be any more gay? ...Don't answer that." )

Alrighty then, that's a wrap for now. I may post more "chapters" of these as I come across them in my re-watch, who knows. *shrugs*
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2013-04-10 08:32 pm

The Resolution to Kiryn's Trials of Stupidity by Livejournal

What the actual fuckery.

So hey.

Y'all see this?

Enter key and paragraphs.

So apparently, LJ decided to reach an extra level of stupidity for me. See, I live in the Dark Ages or whatever, and I normally use Internet Explorer as my browser--mostly because it works just fine, so I don't see any reason to update, you know? And it still works fine. Except for posting/editing my Livejournal entries.

Literally, that's the only thing. When I use Internet Explorer, LJ won't let me use the enter key. Again, NOWHERE ELSE does it or anything else have a problem. LJ is even gracious enough to let me proceed as normal when posting comments. But when it comes to my journal entries, suddenly LJ does the Hulk smash of stupid, and so here I am.

I downloaded Google Chrome, just to see exactly how badly LJ is wigging on me. And so. Clearly, LJ doesn't have a problem anymore.

So in conclusion, LJ sucks, I'll still mostly be sticking to Internet Explorer, 'cause I like my fucking settings, thanks kindly, and don't want to have to deal with the hassle of transferring everything the fuck over, but when I want to post/edit journal entries on LJ, I guess I'm resigned to Chrome.
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2013-04-10 01:08 am two three.....

So, let's see if I can enter key! ...Nope. Apparently it's fine with LJ when I type comments on other people's journals, or whatever, but nooooooo, you can't make paragraphs in your own entries. Son of a goddamned bitch.
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2013-04-03 06:13 pm

Technical Difficulties Are Being Experienced

Alright, testing to see if LJ is glitching on me big time...that would be a yes. What the fuck. For some reason, LJ is refusing to let me use my enter key. See? I literally cannot make a new paragraph. And it's not my computer....this is solely happening on LJ. Nowhere else. So, while this is bugging the fuck out, I guess I at least won't be uploading any new posts for the time being. :/ I swear to fucking god that LJ hates me more than most people, AND HERE IS SOME PROOF.
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2013-04-03 12:35 am

Supernatural Critical Story/Writing Analysis---"Home" (1.9)

So, here we come to the episode that really kicks off the MythArc; aka, Epic Plot Shenanigans are afoot in this episode. If one is like me, and pays attention, this should be exceedingly obvious, as this episode was written by Eric Kripke himself (who had a hand in the majority of the big Mytharc episodes of this season; except for "Heaven and Hell" and "The Real Ghostbusters", for the rest of the seasons that he was Showrunner, he stuck to the first and last episodes of the seasons. And then I guess he stepped in as some kind of guest writer for the last episode of season 6, "The Man Who Knew Too Much").

how could I have burned paradise? )
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2013-03-26 05:51 pm

Supernatural Critical Story/Writing Analysis---"Bugs" (1.8)

Man, I hate this episode so much. Like.

Really, Supernatural. Pitting the brothers against swarms of killer insects?

Really. I'm terrified and phobic enough of insects, thank you very much.

Also, land cursed by Native Americans?

Really, Supernatural? Really.

The insects are bad enough, but the plot of this episode is just so weak. And the sun does not come up that fast, I'm sorry to say, not to mention that it would have been so much smarter for everyone to fight their way into the car and drive away from the swarm of insects. I mean, they would have had plenty of time to get away, especially if they did without all the dramatic posing and staring at the oncoming swarm like a bunch of dumbfucks.

Ugh. This episode was written by Rachel Nave and Bill Coakley, who I notice didn't write another Supernatural episode after this one. Imagine that.

"'Make him listen.' The hell were you thinking." )
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2013-03-26 04:13 pm

Supernatural Critical Story/Writing Analysis---"Hook Man" (1.7)

Alright, so I flaked off doing this last week.....but hopefully I'll be doing two of these things today to compensate?

Anyway, this episode isn't my favorite, but so far, Supernatural wins out and can make me become interested in any episode once I actually sit down to watch it. And I still found things to talk about. Like "Skin", this episode was written by John Shiban (who apparently stopped writing for this show after season 2, his last episode being a personal favorite of mine, "Folsom Prison Blues").

"That doesn't make it any less real." )
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2013-03-12 09:49 pm

Supernatural Critical Story/Writing Analysis---"Skin" (1.6)

Ooh, another one of these things! XD Spoilers, so on and so forth. :)

So, of the four shapeshifter-centric episodes in Supernatural, this one is my least favorite---but only because the other three deliver me some of my all-time favorite side characters (Ronald and Victor in "Nightshifter", Jamie in "Monster Movie", and Bobby John in "Two and a Half Men"). In other words, this episode rocks my socks away, because holy fuck, but I think my favorite 'monsters' in Supernatural may in fact be the shapeshifters.

Can we talk about how much I love what Supernatural has done with shapeshifters? Because I really, really, really love this show's spin on them. Excluding the one in "Nightshifter", most of them actually have personalities and, you know, are characters, with (heartbreaking) backstories and feelings and motivations and fuck, but I adore them. And as they go, this shifter in "Skin" can't compete with the likes of Bobby John (who I swear is like the biggest thing on my Want list) or the Dracula shifter in "Monster Movie" when it comes to my love, but it's still one of my favorite monsters in season 1, and even when the whole series is taken into consideration, it probably doesn't slide too far down the list.

This is also the first episode since "Dead in the Water" where we get to really peel back a few more layers of the onion that is Dean Winchester, and, well, Lord knows that I'm always up for that. ^^

This episode was written by John Shiban.

"Maybe you know him about as well as he knows you." )

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2013-03-05 02:36 pm

Supernatural Critical Story/Writing Analysis---"Bloody Mary" (1.5)

Oh man, oh fucking man. Guys, there is just so much going on in this episode, it's actually pretty damn amazing. The subtext is so incredibly rich in this episode that it's actually moving up in my esteem, as well.

Spoilers abound, especially for the future episodes of "In the Beginning", "A Little Slice of Kevin", "Fallen Idols", and "Scarecrow". The story of this episode is by Eric Kripke, and the teleplay by Ron Milbauer and Terri Hughes Burton.

"Do I look like Paris Hilton?" )
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2013-02-27 01:43 am

Supernatural Critical Story/Writing Analysis---"Phantom Traveler" (1.4)

This fourth episode of Supernatural is...interesting, and weird, for me. It's written by Richard Hatem, and I'll note (since I'm going to talk about this below the cut) that this is the first episode directed by Robert Singer (and the only other episode he'll direct this season is "Salvation").

"Um...he had acid reflux, if that's what you mean." )
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2013-02-13 02:23 am

Supernatural Critical Story/Writing Analysis---"Dead in the Water" (1.3)

Oh man, this episode kills and punches me with the feels nowadays. Probably because it's such a Dean-centric episode, which....let's be honest, I'm a sucker for those. Especially ones like this episode, because it introduces what's basically my favorite thing EVER in a long list of favorite things about Dean Winchester.

Yep. It's time for me to get thrown down the Good Daddy Fangirl Slope. This episode is written by Sera Gamble and Raelle Tucker.

"That's what this is about? Who are you, and what have you done with my brother?" )