Jan. 24th, 2013


Jan. 24th, 2013 11:24 pm
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Here's to Netflix, which finally offers some Disney movies on Instant! Not a lot, granted, but some is more than there was before, so yay for effort! It's got a few more, some of which that I personally don't have (as if I would ever stoop to owning James and the Giant Peach. *shudders*), so it's a definite help! And who knows, they may eventually add to their line up. :)

So anyway, I watched Dumbo tonight (as you can obviously tell from the title of this post), which I haven't seen in...God, over ten years, but a little less than 15? Like, seriously, I barely remembered this movie at all, and the little amount of scenes that I did recall were ones that I'd seen from, like, commercials, or on reviews discussing the fuckery that is "Pink Elephants on Parade" or the heartbreaking-ness of "Baby Mine".

Honestly, it may be a bit sad, but the Dumbo ride at Disneyland has more significance to me than the actual movie does. *sheepish smile* (For the record, my mom maintained in my childhood that a trip to Disneyland was not complete without going on that ride. She was absolute on this point.)

So, my reactions this time around are below the cut. Um...just a bit of a warning, but my inner feminist was stirred into life by this movie, and surprisingly deep thinky thoughts went through my mind while watching it. Believe me, I was taken aback as well. I actually have something to say this time around, wtf. :P

This movie doesn't really have any good quotes. Which I suppose is what you get when your titular character never speaks. )


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