Jan. 3rd, 2013

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Through a twist of fate, Lys and I watched both of these movies recently with our friend Meghan---months apart, mind.

Bambi.....well hell, what do I say about this movie? Hmm. If I had to rank the top three Disney movies that I think held the most meaning for my sister, I'd say that this movie would come in at #3, after 101 Dalmatians and The Lion King. Lots of people apparently find this movie boring, but it was definitely watched and beloved a heck of a lot in our household. It was among the few Disney movies that my sister had to have when it came out on DVD (seriously, we don't even have The Lion King on DVD, we still rely on our VHS version), she had a figurine of Bambi with a butterfly on his tail for years and years, etc.

You've probably noticed that I'm talking mostly about my sister here. Well, like with 101 Dalmatians, this movie is beloved by me today because it is beloved by my sister. And there's a large amount of nostalgia at work here as well.

"Mother, look! What's all that white stuff?" )

"Actually, I was a lot like you." -The Great Prince


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